Android vs iOS – Which One to Pick First for App Development?

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Android vs iOS app development – Which one to go with first? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, then this article is meant for you. Mobile app development is a complex process and right from initiating the development process developers and companies encounter challenging questions when it comes to choosing between mobile platforms, especially Android vs iOS. That’s why in this article we have evaluated the differences between the two operating systems so that you can decide whether you should hire iOS app developers and Android app developers for your app development.

Android vs iOS App Development – Which is Better?

The Global App Market

According to a report by Statista, the number of smartphone users across the globe is over 3 billion and is estimated to increase more within the upcoming years.

With the increased use of smartphones worldwide, mobile app development is gaining a lot of popularity due to changing business needs and user preferences. To stay competitive in the app market, you must make the right decisions right from the beginning. One of the most crucial decisions that you’ll have to make is the one that involves Android vs iOS app development.

Android vs iOS App Development – Key Differences at a Glance

When it comes to choosing between iOS vs Android app development, there are certain differences that you need to understand to make the right decision.

Points of Difference Android iOS
Coding Language Java, Kotlin Swift, Objective C
Global Market Share 72.35% 24.44%
Integrated Development Environment Android Studio XCode
Design Philosophy Specified requirement Flexible
Development Complexity High Middle
Average User Male, 26+yrs old, works in IT dept. Female, 35+yrs old, works in media
App Design Principles Google’s design guidelines Apple’s design guidelines
App Publishing Fee $25 one-time payment $99 per year
Revenue Model Ad-supported apps Purchased apps
Time to Market Faster Takes longer
Updates Right after the completion of development Has to wait for at least 2 weeks

Comparing Android vs iOS App Development

  • Programming Language

Both Android and iOS use different coding languages. For Android app development, the basic programing language used is Java and its derivatives. Swift and Objective-C are used for developing iOS apps.

However, your decision to hire Android app developers or iOS app developers depends on certain factors like the hardware you have access to, your target audience, your budget, app design, and time to market.

  • Hardware

If you want to program for iOS, you will need to have an Apple device, like MacBook. This can be an expensive affair. On the other hand, the Android app can be built on any device. This can help you reduce your development costs.

  • Budget

Budget is another determining factor when it comes to choosing Android vs iOS app development. While each project is unique, the cost of developing an iOS app may be higher than an Android app.

When comparing iOS and Android app development, you need to consider that both Apple App Store and Google Play Store have their own publishing apps fees. In the case of Android apps, you will need to pay a one-time registration fee of $25. For publishing an iOS app on Apple App Store, you need to pay $99 per year.

  • Audience

Without any question, Android has a larger global market share. If you want to reach the largest amount of potential users possible, then you should go with Android app development.

According to StatCounter, Android had a global market share of 72% as of October 2021, while both Android and iOS hold about 99% of the total mobile platform market. Also, the average user of iOS apps is different from the average user of Android in several ways. By analyzing the mobile app’s demographic statistics, you can also evaluate and understand the average end-user of each type of app.

Here’s a quick comparison of the average Android vs iOS app users:

Android Users iOS Users
Male, 18-34+yrs old Female, 35+yrs old
Work in IT, Energy & Utilities Work in Media, Marketing, Business
$50-100K average annual income $200K average annual income
Time spent on mobile apps – 55 hours per year Time spent on mobile apps – 64 hours per year

Based on these comparisons, you should decide as to who your target audience will be and whether you should hire iOS app developers or Android app developers.

  • Design

The UI design guidelines for both Android and iOS are different. An app’s design has a significant impact on the development process. That’s why the app’s UI design will be visually different based on whether you opt for iOS or Android app development.

iOS and Android, both have different interactions and styles because of the official design guidelines provided by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It’s good to consider the UI design guidelines for both iOS and Android before you hire Android app developers or iOS app developers for your project.

  • Testing

Both iOS and Android have their own simulators for app testing. Still, there are a few differences between them. TestFlight is an iOS testing environment that is faster than the Android emulator. However, the Android emulator virtual machine is more powerful and comes with a more realistic representation.

  • App Updates

Both Android and iOS release updates once every year. Therefore, consider that updating iOS apps for the latest OS release may take up to 2 weeks and affect your product roadmap and business strategy. Android apps will take a few hours to publish the new app version.

  • Revenue Models

Another factor that you need to consider when comparing Android vs iOS app development is the revenue model. While Android supports ad-supported apps, iOS development depends mainly on purchases.

iOS vs Android App Development – Which One to Choose?

Your decision to hire Android app developers or iOS app developers depends on your target audience, the user persona, the regions where you will launch your app, and your app functionalities. The development costs and timeframe are also important factors to consider.

If you’re looking to launch your business application as an MVP product within a limited budget and timeline, then it is best to go with iOS app development.

However, if you want to target global markets including Latin America and Asia, your app idea needs features that are not supported by Apple, then you should opt for Android app development.

No matter what mobile platform you choose, you can always build a second version of your application for the other platform in the future. This will help you grow your user base on both platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.Which is easy-iOS or Android app development?

Ans.  Many mobile app developers find it easier to develop an iOS app than an Android app. Programming in Swift language takes less time than coding in Java as this language has high readability.

Q.2. Do you use pre-built templates or design a mobile app from scratch?

Ans. We have pre-built templates that allow us to design your app’s UI quickly, adding essential functionalities so that you can quickly launch your app in the market. However, if you have specific requirements, we can build custom mobile apps from scratch with all the required functionalities and features.

Q.3. Do you offer after-sale support and maintenance?

Ans. Yes, we do offer after-sale support and maintenance services to help you keep your iOS/Android app in optimal condition. However, these services will be chargeable.

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