Android Vs iOS Vs Windows: Which You Should Go With First?

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With the above headline, you must have guessed what we are going to talk about.

Although, there are many discussions and comparisons that have already been made as to which mobile app operating system to go with.

It is like creating an Android app, go for Windows, or simply target the elite group by availing of iOS app development services.

No matter, the answers are already given to meet different requirements of different enterprises.

So, here, our focus will be towards which operating system you should start your mobile app journey. We mean to say, should you go for Windows, iOS, or Android for your first ever business-oriented mobile application.

Table of Contents:

* Features of Android, iOS, & Windows App

* Market Share

* Support System

* Security

* Summing Up

So, let’s start this important discussion.

Top Features of Android OS

* High Revenue Opportunities: You already know the fact Android has an extensive market share as compared to iOS and Windows. In fact, enterprises having their application spend less on Android app as compared to other apps, because of the widespread reach. And, easy acceptance from a large user base.

* Fewer Development Requirements: When it comes to Android mobile app development requirements, they are less in comparison with other competitive OS. It is because the app development ecosystem is filled with a large base of Android app developers having the  expertise to create a feature-rich and engaging app at less cost and in a short span of time.

* Faster Review Process: Comparatively, the Android app takes less time to feature on the respective app store and get fast reviews from users. In case, you develop an Android app, then chances are high that it will be featured on Google App Store in 2-3 days only.

* Cost-Effective Option: Undoubtedly, developing a first-ever mobile app for your enterprise using Android OS is cheap and affordable. It takes less cost to develop a secured, intuitive, and engaging application on this platform.

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Top Features of iOS OS

* Less Coding: Apple app requires a less coding effort that makes your application ready in less time. Developers make the best use of Swift or Objective-C languages to create working codes for the application.

* Upscale eCommerce Results: If you are having an eCommerce app development in mind, then iOS is your ideal pick to start with. It is because iOS offers a great deal of commercial tools to make better monetize your app.

* High Revenue Generation: You can generate better revenue with iOS as compared with Android and Windows. if you are looking for a premium or subscription-based model apps, then selected users of this OS are ready to invest. Because iOS devices are expensive and their users are ready to spend money on apps for a better user experience.

* Fewer Bugs: One of the features and advantages you can see is having fewer number of bugs in Apple applications. It is because the OS has strict app development guidelines to make sure the app has a very less number of irregularities.

Top Features of Windows OS

* Committed Line of Users: Although Windows has a limited user base, still customers are fully committed to the simple interface and robust functionalities of apps. Unlike the users of iOS and Android, app users of Windows have fewer complaints, issues, bugs, and irregularities found in the application.

* Multiplatform Functionality: Almost all devices of Microsoft are used as platforms. So, creating an app for Windows OS is also like developing the same for platforms at a single best cost.

* Especially in B2B Sector: Especially for B2B industries, Windows has always been the first choice of platform and OS. Since a majority of commercial enterprises have windows PC and systems in the offices. So, it is likely for them to create such user-friendly Windows apps. 

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Market Share

 We are going to take you quickly on this to better understand the reach and profitable impact of a particular app OS.

* Android: Currently, OS captures 73% of the total app market as of June 2021.

* iOS: At present, iOS shares 26.35% of the total app market and that too as of June 2021.

* Windows: 1.25% is the present market reach of Windows app, especially under the realm of B2B enterprises.

Support System

 In all three mobile operating systems, there are different product requirements, necessities, and support systems.

* Windows: Windows app store has fewer apps in comparison with competitor’s OS. So, it encompasses the basic requirements of users regarding their personal needs.

* iOS: This OS has the reputation of featuring all kinds of apps catering to the diverse requirements of mobile users. Thus, you can expect a plethora of features and a widespread support system for your app.

* Android: Highly competitive among all is Google App Store is an open-source area where you can load your application easily as compared to other platforms. It is more convenient to develop, feature, and target users of Android OS. 


Security is the topmost priority of enterprises while developing an application. It is mission-critical to take care of the safety of the app data, user’s details, and information on the mobile devices.

* Android: There are times when you find vulnerabilities attached while installing Android apps from other sources rather than the Google App Store. Yes, it is possible for app users to install an unapproved app from any external source with not having any security patch in it. This makes users data and files prone to information risk.

* Windows: When thinking about Windows application development, security should not be your major concern. It is because apps can only be installed from the Microsoft Store that is highly protected.

* iOS: The same goes for the iOS app store that makes it virtually impossible to install an app from any external source. Users can only stick to the app store while selecting and downloading the respective application.

Summing Up  

Now, the picture might be clear to you as to which mobile app platform to go for and make a lasting business impact. In fact, there are other things that also depend on your decision to choose a particular OS for your first business app. It can be in terms of budget, features, targetted user base, organizational goals.

Whatever the requirement is you can get directly in touch with OrangeMantraTech. It is a leading Android app development company that also has its expertise in Windows and iOS app development.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why Should you Choose Andriod App Development? 

Go ahead with Android app development, if you have a widespread user base and are not confined to one demographic region only. Also, choose Android, if you like to add customized elements in the application in a cost-effective manner. 

  1. Why Should you Choose iOS App Development?

In case, your mobile app development budget is on the higher side for the first app making, then go for iOS app development. Making this decision helps you target a limited yet specific set of users who are ready to invest in applications with rich features. 

  1. What is the Estimated Cost of Mobile App Development?

 The cost of developing a mobile cannot be decided like this. Unless, you have a clear set of requirements in terms of the app platform, features, size, functionalities, complexities, and resources required.

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