What are the Core Challenges of Enterprise Mobility with Solutions?

What are the Core Challenges of Enterprise Mobility with Solutions

Businesses are enjoying the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions to implement operational flexibility. Mobile apps are responsible to eradicate limitations of the workforce and boost flexibility. Having the power of mobile applications, web apps, management software & process, one can improve organizational IT-infrastructure.

Enterprise mobility trigger employees’ performance by providing access to business data on mobile, tablets, laptops, & personal devices. It leads to improve productivity, capability, operational efficiency, and other efforts. Despite the many advantages of Enterprise Business Solutions, several organizations come across challenges during the implementation of such important solutions.

In this blog post, we bring common enterprise mobility development challenges and tips to address them.

Top Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

1. Device Theft
Enterprise mobility gives opportunity to use personal gadgets including smartphones, laptops, or tablets to access business details. It helps to reduce the enterprise operational cost. Theft of such devices cause big business loss. Imagine the impact of compromised data after the loss or stolen device.

Single loss of device comprising business data can trigger loss of $250. Thus, the solution is to install applications and file management software to manage the efficacy of devices & regain control over the data loss.

2. User Experience Concerns
Enterprise mobility solutions boost the end-to-end user-experience. It helps different users to access business data from any device. The objective is to get data access and start delivering straight from the home.

Now, the security challenge that is impacting an organization is to have no idea to track usability factor depending on time & device. This causes leakage of sensitive data from Private Data, Public Data, and Classified Data. Thus, Mobile App Development Company offers a viable solution by tracking user’s activities and bringing security protocol.

3. Enterprise System Integration
For streamlined access of information & to automate workflows it becomes crucial to integrate multiple systems with enterprise apps. It becomes essential to allow employees to connect laptops with mobile devices to access enterprise information and share the same whenever needed. Furthermore, employees working from home can easily share important files via mobile devices or laptops to the organizational system. A break point in the interconnected system can cause data loss and non-functional activity. Hence, it is crucial to integrate latest technical solutions to integrate systems for smooth data processing as well as network workflows.

4. Mobile App Development
Mobile application development is a complex and time-consuming activity. Mobile developers need to make use of high-end technology tools for coding, testing, and designing purpose. Also, developers have to build Andriod and iOS specific apps that allow permission to access the device’s camera, network, contacts and location.

The main concern present with the mobile app development is the number of apps developed on a huge basis. This is because on average a single device includes more than 80 apps. Hence, business leaders need to be informed about multiple security protocols.

How to Overcome these Core Challenges?

1. Advanced Security Solutions
With the arrival of diverse set of mobile devices and mobile app solutions, security is a major challenge to address. The question of how to protect both the system of employees and companies is important. Security is a major issue across all businesses and should be addressed instantly.

There are several effective security solutions present, with a lot to focus on software and applications. Business organizations should opt for multiple layers of security procedures for their Android and iOS App Development Services including authentication applications, device management solutions, and secure corporate networks. With a multi-layered security protocol and policy, it is challenging to experience a breach of any sort.

2. Top-Notch Mobile Strategies
With the advancement in online technologies the world has become more digital. Most of the business enterprises are moving to online platforms for customer engagement. Thinking about market trends and futuristic technologies should be the priority of top app developers.

A perfect means to provide amazing mobile strategies is by integrating existing IT capabilities for Android and iOS app development services. The coming together of different expertise will help in better decision making, the definition of standards, and proper strategizing.

3. Improved User Experience
An important part of enterprise mobility solutions is to give your clients the top-rated service experience. A perfect way to perform this is to use intrinsic APIs. These are mostly backend information systems used to provide real data to users. Another functionality is to upgrade any function in a mobile app. Thus offering the amazing experience to consumers with exposure to a broader market.

You can share company information to partner companies through your API, which can build an avenue for other business. The downside, your organization is more vulnerable to a breach if not properly managed. Hence, API management and security is important for all companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is enterprise mobility solutions?

Enterprise mobility is the growing trend of businesses to offer remote working options, allow the use of personal laptops and mobile devices for business purposes and make use of cloud technology for data access.

2. Why is enterprise mobility important?

Enterprise mobility can give your employees the facility to work from anywhere. Mobile applications also help employees to access important business data from anywhere and at any time. This in turn, increases overall employee productivity without compromising with employee satisfaction and data security.

3. What is enterprise mobility and security?

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is an intelligent mobility management and security platform. It helps protect and secure your organization and empowers your employees to work in new and flexible ways.

Wrapping Up:

Enterprise mobility solutions have completely transformed the way businesses run and these solutions have also increased the challenges that are experienced by enterprises. Which is why it’s important for business leaders to have proper knowledge of these challenges and work towards addressing them to achieve a smooth business operation. Get expert guidance from an IT agency like OrangeMantratech for desired business results. They will provide different solutions meeting your expectations within the timeline.

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