Different Components of Digital Business Solutions for Companies

digital business solutions

Digital transformation is changing the facet of businesses, especially in the wake of the rising pandemic. Things that were dream earlier are possible now. The best example is the wide range of traditionally running enterprises embracing digital business solutions to continue operations. Especially, when unexpected circumstances like the Covid-19 situation crop up without having any prior notice or time for the preparation.

When you thinking about availing digitally transformation solutions, you in a way modify your operations, workforce productivity, business scalability, and flexibility to work proficiently in any situation.

All that happens is the way of enabling advanced and result-oriented technologies. In this blog, we will be looking at the few premier digital workplace solutions for organizations to embrace a much-needed operational makeover to continue running in all circumstances.

5 Technology to Enable Digital Transformation of Business with Digital Business Solutions

A. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is reshaping the business enterprises no matter big or small. It allows businesses to store a large chunk of organization data on remote servers. It helps companies to manage, maintain, and access the information from any location while continuing the process of work from home.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

1. Cost Effective: Moving your business to Cloud eliminates the need for hardware and in-house datacenters. It enables the companies to distribute the cost of infrastructure and services across many businesses.
2. Convenient Data Storing: Business data stored on Cloud can be accessed using the internet connection and your device. This technical support prevents the necessary movement to the corporate enterprises and allows employees to view data from any location. On top of that, a reliable Cloud provider will assist you in storing, managing, maintaining, and securing your crucial business information.
3. Optimum Security: Data stored in the Cloud ensures enterprise-level of security and that too at a reduced cost. There will be no single point of failure in the cloud where you find multiple servers attached safeguarding your information to an optimum level.
4. Mobility: Most important benefit is the increasing mobility on Cloud storage. It enables remote workers and employees available in the office to access prior information using their smartphones and get in touch with all the corporate associates in a hassle-free manner.

B. Communication & Collaboration Tools

More employees working remotely and managing the operations of business require effective collaboration and communication tools to be on the same page. Be it like team members, suppliers, partners, and customers, businesses need unique collaboration at the team level, community level, and network level. Although, phone and email modes of communication are always available but not enough for remote teams to survive. In such a scenario, you need a group of solutions for seamless document sharing, internal communication, content creation, personal & group calendars, and more.

Benefits of Online Collaboration & Communication

* Enhance employee engagement and empowerment both working remotely or physically.
* Employees are better to work efficiently and faster.
* Create and reinforce shared purpose and values.
* Continue doing the remote working.
* A collaborative culture to ensure success.

C. Remote Project Management

Handling multiple projects at a time and that too spread across members of different teams can be difficult to manage. Get access to several project management software support to effortlessly manage multiple people, projects, and teams remotely in a hassle-free manner. It helps companies to perform a variety of functioning including the following:

* Plan, schedule, and edit projects accordingly.
* Track overall evolution from the project related to stages, time, cost, and efforts.
* Schedule and timely managing a range of projects.
* Manage resource allocation.
* Project budget of the projects while keeping the real-time check.
* Effortlessly communicate and collaborate.
* Send & receive project-related documents and files.

D. Cybersecurity

No discussion is completed regarding the adoption of digital transformation solutions in the enterprise without paying heed to cybersecurity. It will be a waste of time for organizations to adopt the latest technologies without implementing the necessary security patches. As you are aware of the fact that remote working involves crucial data being accessed and transferred digitally that need to be protected. Also, virtual meet-ups and seminars should be conducted safely without leaking any confidential information.

Cybersecurity support plays a vital role in giving multi-factor authentication, employee awareness training, password encrypted tools, and encrypted VPN to ensure a maximum level of security.

Wrapping Up

Digital transformation solutions for companies are not just about starting work from the home process for all the employees. It is more than just enabling the functionality of flexible working. Businesses need to embrace collaborative, scalable, and technically advanced solutions to stay in operational mode at any point in time, increasing flexibility among stakeholders, and enhancing the overall productivity. In case, you need profitable digital business solutions, then rely on the technical support of OrangeMantraTech.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is all about transforming the operational medium of an organization from traditional to online. It is a rising trend among companies to digitally transform their organization by enabling remote working during the current scenario of unexpected circumstances.

2. Why it Is Necessary to Adopt Digital Working Solutions?

In the midst of rising uncertainty and many organizations already starting their work from home solutions. It is more demanding for enterprises to adopt digital transformation services in terms of storing data on the Cloud, using remote communication and collaborative tools, maintain data secrecy with cybersecurity, and more to stay in the operational mode for long.

3. What is the Estimated Cost Involved in Digital Transformation of Business?

Digital transformation solutions include different services for organizations to transform their functioning’s and increase operational efficiency. So, the cost depends on the service acquired by the company.

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