Drupal Vs WordPress- Which is a Better CMS for Web Development in 2021

Drupal Vs WordPress- Which is a Better CMS for Web Development in 2021

Website development for your business expansion is not a hard job to perform. Anyone can plan and invest in website development with the presence of innovative tools and latest technologies without coding skills. Content Management System (CMS) allows developing fully-functional websites without having coding skills. WordPress and Drupal are the most popular CMS. This explains why WordPress Vs Drupal is important before any selection.

WordPress and Drupal are great CMS to build websites of any domain ranging from simple blogging websites to sophisticated E-commerce portals. When people look for website development, they are not aware which CMS they should invest in to build their sites. Many people find difficulty to make a selection. Are you coming across the same concern? Then in this blog post, we will be comparing WordPress Vs Drupal and understand whether you should consult WordPress Development Services for website development or not.

Introduction to WordPress

Most of the people think WordPress as a blogging platform. Initially it was started as a blogging platform, but currently with several improvements today you can build any website as per your business need from scratch. WordPress powers over 60 millions websites including 30% of the top 10 million websites as per latest survey.

Here are some renowned websites powered by WordPress CMS:
• nationalarchives.gov.uk
• thenewyorker.com
• time.com
• techcrunch.com
• sony.com

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is an old CMS helping developers from last two decades but it has same importance in 2021 as well. As per reports over 3% of the global websites are powered by Drupal CMS while its community support is of 1.5 million members. Currently Drupal 9 is the latest version released a few months back.

Here are some renowned websites powered by Drupal CMS:

• economist.com
• whitehouse.gov
• wmg.com
• tesla.com
• wholefoodsmarket.com

Now, let’s check out the differences between WordPress Vs Drupal CMS.

1. Development Cost
It is a universal fact that both Drupal and WordPress are open-source, there are costs involved with website development on both CMSs. If you need to avail of WordPress Development Services it will require investment and it will solely bring remarkable results at the later stages. The best thing about WordPress is its smooth task handling, provided you have right skills. If you hire experienced development agency, no need to worry about desired business results.

2. Website Security

From a technical aspect, both Drupal and WordPress hosts remarkable security solutions to business firms. However, security concerns occur when websites are extended and customized. It is crucial to remain 100% website secure. Drupal is known for its advanced security and considered as a secure CMS as it is rarely dependent on third-party extensions. But there have been security concerns reported in the past like SQL injections.

WordPress CMS, on the other hand, works for some of the most renowned business and government websites across the globe. This automatically clears how secure the CMS is. The security issues are the concerns of the past and can be avoided if proper plugins and themes are used. The CMS has the community to mitigate any security threats that might arise in the future.

3. SEO & Site Management

When you launch the website then you’ll need to perform regular updates, address problems as they happen, and, most significantly, customize the content for SEO. The Drupal learning curve is complex and the management tasks require proper technical skills. The CMS does a perfect job when it comes to SEO. It offers numerous modules for Drupal Web Development comprising PathAuto, to further boost your website ranking.

WordPress is simple from every aspect and just with a click of a mouse, it is simple to update the CMS and install a theme. What’s more, the CMS is a great choice of SEO plugins to enhance your website further. All things in picture, both platforms are perfect but when it is about website management WordPress has an edge. Seeing the advantage most brands prefer WordPress Website Development Company when looking to perform the website development project.

4. Loading Speed

The speed with a website loads is highly important, especially if you intend to keep visitors on your website. On the contrary, if your website takes long to load, it will be tough to retain visitors.

Speed is one area where WordPress has an edge over other CMSs, majorly because of themes and plugins. With proper utilization of performance best practices, it is simple to build a fast website. On the other hand, it is simple to opt for managed WordPress hosting. With the presence of managed CMS, all the technical aspects are taken care of by the Software Development Company hosting services comprising server speeds, security, updates, backups, and scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WordPress a good choice?
WordPress is the best choice for web beginners, though it needs minimum and some basic knowledge of hosting in order to manage the site.

2. Is WordPress better than Drupal?

If you need a secure and advanced CMS for website development, WordPress is better equipped to handle your needs. The user permissions are also more innovative than Drupal.

3. Why Drupal is also a competitor?

With over one million users across the globe, Drupal is a perfect website solution as it is robust and flexible in infrastructure with great design, and open-source modules. In addition organizations get access to numerous free tools and information to build right features and functionality design.


Selecting the right CMS is an important decision, which will have a serious impact on your business. Once built, the website will be a great venture over the web. Even a single trouble might put website stake at risk. Thus, selecting a CMS is a significant step towards making an enterprise website. Based on the points above, it can be analyzed that WordPress is a secure, fast and simple to use CMS having bunch of innovative features. In addition 24/7 WordPress Support is available to instruct the users in case of any emergency with the website.

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