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Thinking of developing a result-oriented business mobile application for your business? If decided, then which platform you are thinking to go with, Android or iOS? No matter what, these two OS capture the entire mobile app market. Both the platforms have their fair share of market size which is 86% belongs to Android and 14% to iOS. Still, the preference also goes to hire iOS developers to generate more profit despite a small market share.

You might not know the fact that Apple has around 2.2. billions app on iOS App Store and consumers consume as much as 80% more on iOS apps as compared to Android. It further led to an increase in revenue of $26 billion.

The idea behind iOS development is not just to enter the league of elite users. But also the simplicity of app development and minimalistic approach makes a real difference.

Thus, to build profitable iOS apps, you need the support of skilled and certified iOS developers. And, the best way to hire them is by following our simplest hiring guide that covers the below-mentioned points.

  • Understanding the Roles & Responsibilities of iOS Developers
  • Find iOS Developers Skill Set
  • Different Types of Hiring Options
  • Factors to Consider Before Hiring iOS Developers

So, let’s get started

Understanding the Roles & Responsibilities of iOS Developers       

There are instances when companies fail to understand the true potential of skilled iOS developers. Many find such developers confined to the limit of writing effective codes only. However, they are much proficient in terms of having additional responsibilities on their shoulders like as follows:

  • iOS developers take part in the planning to designing stage while sharing their useful inputs.
  • Developers perform in-depth and multi-level mobile app testing to measure the efficiency of performance, functionality, load, and more.
  • Skilled iOS developers publish the ready-made app to the App Store fulfilling the final purpose of clients to see their app goes live and ready to download.

The point here is that look for additional roles and responsibilities of iOS developers while hiring the same. Certified and experienced iOS developers should possess exceptional development, UI/UX, testing, programming languages, maintenance, and support skills.

iOS Developers Skill Set

Several skills come in handy under the portfolio of experienced iOS developers. All you have to do is refer to the list of skills mentioned below and cross-check the same while hiring the one. General skills of an experienced iOS developer include:

  • Developer must be proficient in Swift or Objective C-Programming language
  • Knowledge of Xcode IDE
  • Must have experience with APIs like UIKit and Cocoa Touch
  • Complete understanding of RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Metal or OpenGL experience
  • Advanced skill set of code versioning tools like Git
  • Knowledge of Core Data Framework

Different Types of Hiring Options

Now, you have got an idea of the roles, responsibilities, and skill set of iOS developers. Next is to know the different types of hiring options available and their pros and cons.

  1. Hire Freelance iOS Developer

There is a wide spectrum of a marketplace where you find freelance iOS developers in great numbers. They vary in skill set, experience, and cost of hiring the same. You can hire freelance developers, if having short-term iOS app development requirements, a small budget, and not looking for much of a collaboration. For enterprises looking for long-term cooperation of the developer should not go for the freelance option.

Pros & Cons of Hiring Freelance iOS Developer


  • There is plenty of iOS developers available on a freelancing basis ready to take up your project at a reasonable cost.
  • Hiring a freelancer is cheaper as compared to a full-time developer.


  • Sometimes, it is difficult to cooperate with freelancers due to not having any fixed working schedule.
  • Freelancers might not give you 100% of their devotion towards individual iOS app development projects.
  • Failed deadlines among freelancers are one of the common issues.
  • There might be some language and cultural barriers with freelancers.
  • You cannot rely on a freelancer’s work schedule for having a long -term project requirement.
  1. In-House iOS Development Team

There are a plethora of companies that prefer to have an in-house iOS development team due to handling regular app development tasks. Mainly the companies having no budget issue call for in-house developers who collaborate with the organization at flexible time intervals and have proficiency on a particular development skill.

Pros & Cons of Hiring In-House Development Team


  • Effective collaboration with iOS developers in a 24×7 running environment.
  • No limitations in terms of seamless communication.
  • In-depth knowledge of products developed in-house.


  • Expensive to hire in-house iOS development team on company’s payroll.
  • Limited to the extent of few development skills while working on in-house projects only.
  • Hiring the right talent for the right job can be a real tough task at times.
  • Need to pay extra for in-house developer’s taxes, office, space, work desk, and more.
  1. Hire an Outsourcing Company

This is the fast and cost-effective way to develop a feature-rich and interactive iOS app. Outsourcing iPhone App Development Company offers you the right resource belong to a preferred choice of industry to take up your project. Such companies possess a skilled talented team of iOS developers who are ready to provide exceptional development support on the basis of fixed-cost, monthly, and hourly hiring basis.

Pros & Cons of Hiring iOS Outsourcing Company


  • You can hire iOS developers at any point in time with having the preferred development expertise, skills, and possession of feature-rich tools.
  • Unlike freelancers, outsourced iOS developers are fully dedicated to your project, and the schedule is decided in advance.
  • It is cost-effective to hire outsourcing iOS developers depending on your project, budget, and time limit.
  • You will get a dedicated Project Manager’s support who will look after your app development project and informs you time-to-time regarding the progress.

Factors to Consider before Hire iOS Developers

You might get an idea of what it actually takes to hire an iOS developer as per your professional requirements and budget. Now, it’s time to look at few simple considerations before hiring the one.

  • Total years of experience of iOS developers
  • Hands-on experience in a particular industry
  • Should have a ready-made portfolio of previous work to have a look at it
  • Developers should follow smooth communication channels and mediums

Final Note

iPhone app development demands specialized skills, a dedicated approach, and a strategic timeline. Find it all with the best iOS developers hired from an outsourcing iPhone app development company of your choice. Simply follow the ultimate guide to look at important skills possession, model of hiring, and cost of iOS app development. In order to get more information on this, it better is to get in touch with OrangeMantra Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Find Skilled iOS Developers

Here with us, you find the dedicated team of iOS developers having the right skill set and expertise to work on your project. We are here to provide you, flexible iOS developers hiring models depending on your budget and requirements.

  1. How Many iOS Developers Do I Need to Hire?

It all depends on your project features with respect to specific features, functionalities, and other customized elements based on which you can hire certified & skilled dedicated resources.

  1. What is the Cost of iOS App Development?

The cost of iOS app development is particularly based on your requirements to add customized features, functionalities, and add-on. After having a discussion with us, you will get a fair idea of the price.

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