How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Growth of Mobile App Development?

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Growth of Mobile App Development

Needless to say, our lives revolve around smartphones. The very first thing that people do is checking their devices. Thanks to the rapid advancements in technologies, people find it flexible to shop online, ask for a handyman, book tickets, and do more on their smartphones. The enhancements in mobile app development have paved the way for increasing living standards.

One more most talked about advancements is Artificial Intelligence application development in the app industry. AI is the latest buzzword around to enhance user experience with things like Chatbot, Predictive Analysis, and smart user interaction. Although AI is present for many years, still many people are not aware of it.

In this blog, we will talk about how Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of mobile app development.

Digital Transformation Solutions of AI in Mobile App Development

1. Voice Assistant
Voice-based search has enhanced the usage of mobile applications. It is one of the revolutions brought in by Artificial Intelligence technology. You must be aware of the popular voice assistant devices like Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant. So, all of these, help to make the search process goes verbal which is like three times better than the text-based search pattern.

How Does it Help?
Voice-based search technology is available in both Android and iOS app development services. This AI-powered technology helps enhance the user experience. Using the same, users can search for information, make phone calls, open maps, send messages, play songs, schedule everything, and much more by uttering simple words.

2. Predictive Analysis
Do you know the fact that your smartphone keyword has an AI feature in it? If not, remember when you type in something on a smartphone, you get a suggestion of word choice. It is what appears to be Artificial Intelligence predictive text technology. It generally helps to predict user behavior and preferences to showcase desired results. For example, like the way you see in eCommerce and food ordering mobile apps. And, you tend to see predictive suggestions after typing in half the text.

How Does it Help?
The predictive analysis feature of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly improving the mobile app user experience. It helps in enhancing the search pattern and decision-making skills of users to a great extent. You can improve mobile app functioning by implementing predict smart suggestions for users to make more informed decisions quickly.

3. Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition is one of the most innovative features of Artificial Intelligence application development. It functions as a security measure on mobile apps to recognize a particular user of a device. With this, AI-powered facial point scanning feature, one can reduce theft or loss of device by restricting the usage to one person only. One of the best examples of AI facial recognition is the facial security lock on different eCommerce, social media, and banking apps. You have to showcase your face to the app screening and then access the same.

How Does it Help?
Facial recognition is an innovative feature to add in mobile apps to enhance device security. Evolve your business preposition, especially for starting eCommerce, dating, or banking apps by enabling facial recognition security measures. It will help in restricting the app usage to a single user only and prevent the leakage of any important information.

4. Chatbot
Another revolutionary component of Artificial Intelligence is a Chatbot. It further helps in changing the landscape of mobile app development. Chatbot is a computer assistant with having human sensitive skills and knowledge inside to meet varied queries of customers. Business owners integrate Chatbot in their mobile app and website to improve the overall customer experience by handling queries, offer deals, and product suggestions. It is relevant to decrease cumbersome human effort and instead allows machines to solve endless queries in a 24×7 running environment.

How Does it Help?
AI-powered Chatbot is an interesting and useful feature to add to mobile apps. You can start for instance like food ordering apps, banking apps, fitness apps, and eCommerce apps. Chatbot helps giving valuable suggestions to customers all round the clock and meet the desired queries in no time. Ultimately, it will help in enhancing the overall user experience.

Benefits of Implementing AI in Mobile App Development

  • Offer Better Usage Experience:
    Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps ensures credible assistance to bring enhanced user experience. With the availability of features like Chatbot and Voice Assistants, AI helps to sort queries, meet user’s demands & provides better customer service at all times.
  • Enhance Mobile App Security:
    Face scanning and fingerprint recognition features of AI in mobile apps have improved device security. Even the in-built apps inside the device help to identify its exact location and geological points.
  • Provide Daily Assistance:
    Mobile applications for finding maps, locations, product preference, and more have inbuilt virtues of Artificial Intelligence technology. It helps in acting as a personal assistant for users to make every search tasks go hassle-free.

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has impact mobile app development in a big way. It has brought revolutionary digital transformation solutions in the app industry to scale up application usage and cutting-edge experience. Join the league of AI-powered apps by relying on OrangeMantraTech as a leading mobile app development company. Get access to quality-driven Android, Native, and iOS app development services infused with features of AI.


1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer-enabled robot technology to perform intelligent being functions. The technology uses the intellectual power of the system collaborating with human responses to offer desired results. Especially implemented in the mobile app development process, AI helps to secure devices, improve suggestions, solve queries, predict customer preference, and offer relevant products.

2. How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Mobile Apps?

Artificial Intelligence is used in mobile app development in different ways like that for acting as Chatbot, predict analysis, enhance mobile security, offer suggestions, voice & facial recognition. The technology has brought significant improvements in mobile applications enhancing the overall experience.

3. What is the Cost of Implementing AI in Mobile Applications?

The cost of implementing AI-powered features in mobile app differs based on business requirements. It is not confined to one single feature only. As per your needs and aspiration, you can add substantial features of AI in Android or iOS apps. Here at OrangeMantraTech, you can rest assured to pay less for mobile app development services.

Combine Artificial Intelligence with Mobile App Development for Massive Growth.

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