Selecting an eCommerce Platform – Things to Know

Selecting an eCommerce Platform - Things to Know

The eCommerce world is presently worth $2.3 trillion and is set to almost double to 5.48 trillion with the end of 2021. If you’re deciding to upgrade your eCommerce website development to make sure you’re getting the most important possible slice of the pie, nicely we’re thrilled to say which you’re making a smart choice.

The key step in developing a web store is deciding on the e-commerce platform on which the store will operate. This choice includes many elements: simplicity, fee, functionality, usability, design options, SEO optimization. Now, we can assess the professionals and cons of the most famous solutions.

In this blog, we’ll cover the whole thing you want to understand about eCommerce systems. We’ll cross over what eCommerce is and how eCommerce structures work, we’ll offer essential features to look for when looking for an eCommerce website development.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an eCommerce Platform

While there are an endless number of eCommerce systems to pick out from, there are approaches in your on-line commercial enterprise to slender down the gambling subject. right here are 9 vital features to look for while searching for an eCommerce platform:

Smooth Setup

Look for a platform that is simple to set up and smooth to design. You need the ability to fully capture the feel of your precise emblem, so check the exceptional templates each platform offers. Templates are first-rate because they don’t require you to hire without help (costly!) and that they don’t require you to be a layout whiz to create a professional look and make a bold statement.

Clean to navigate and relaxed

Have you ever visited a website that’s hard to navigate? Commonly it is going something like this: You’re surfing for a brand new pair of sandals and you discover a pair you honestly like on a website that seems like it’s stuck in 1996. You ignore the outdatedness because YOU need those SANDALS, and then you waste 40 minutes of your lifestyle due to the fact you might, for the affection of Jiminy, discern a way to navigate to the checkout aisle. And then you go to bed mad and sandal-less.

Don’t send your customers to bed mad (and barefoot). The online buyers of these days assume an unbroken experience that’s short and painless. They’re itching to spend cash, so don’t have them fly over Neptune and bounce via fire jewelry to buy your product.

And about payment processing, make sure the eCommerce platform you’re eyeing gives top-notch security. A customer gets crabby whilst their credit card receives stolen and that they’re abruptly charged $9,700 for a mahogany table that could never suit their dining room décor. Search for a platform that helps HTTPS/SSL for secure and secure checkout. Prestashop Development is one such platform that can be used as it offers smooth navigation across the dashboard as well as the website.


Occasionally having too many options can experience an amazing burden—much like the cereal aisle at the grocery shop. However, with regards to integration for eCommerce systems, having a plethora of options to pick from can be a glad perk, particularly in case your enterprise is seeking to grow.

Search for a platform that integrates with your other existing structures and advertising channels. Does it integrate with Facebook? Will it run smoothly together with your eCommerce CRM sales and advertising platform.


As your business develops, will your eCommerce platform develop with you? Your eCommerce platform is the central hub of your enterprise. A platform that is difficult to scale can restrict the boom of your enterprise.


eCommerce platforms that come with complete search engine optimization capabilities will permit your eCommerce web page to rank exceedingly in search engine outcomes. Vital factors to remember whilst searching out a search engine optimization pleasant eCommerce platform consists of:

● Adding a blog to your eCommerce platform
● Using your area name
● Permitting customers to depart reviews

Shopify Web Development is one option that can be considered when it comes to SEO friendliness.


A platform has to be mobile-friendly. A record using BigCommerce predicts mobile commerce in Germany, the United States, and the UK will make up a third of all retail eCommerce income.


Possibly the most crucial element to not forget is safety. Since eCommerce is a virtual platform that is actively taking monetary payments, you need to make certain your eCommerce company has the essential safety protocols in the future.

Strong Catalog

Your product catalog represents the coronary heart of your stock. test to look if the catalog is easy to replace and intuitive. However greater importantly, take a look to look if the product catalog meets the necessities of your area. As an instance, in case you work in the style or garb region, your product catalog needs to include a feature that lets your customer select a length or color of a product.

Flexible Pricing

You’ll want to without problems run promotions, sales, or reductions — however, that’s not all. Support for a couple of currencies is some other attention, whilst you may also want to price specific costs for one-of-a-kind geographical locations.

Website Personalization

Online consumers now need a customized experience. Look out for eCommerce systems that come equipped with an advice engine that sends personalized recommended objects-to-purchase to the clients based on their previous purchases and the product they’ve been looking for.

Ending Note

By following the manual above, you have to be capable of evaluating every primary dimension of an eCommerce platform — while heading off the pitfalls we regularly see manufacturers make whilst deciding on the software programs.

However, as we flow into a technology ruled by way of IoT gadgets being used by more and more demanding consumers, it’s additionally extraordinarily important to choose an eCommerce software that’s built to help you grow these days, in addition to the following day. That’s why we propose a headless eCommerce platform like Magento 2 Development so that you can adapt to any new device or channel that emerges on the market.


Q1. Which is the best eCommerce Platform?

Ans. Wix is an excellent universal choice – it is extremely amateur-friendly and has amazing eCommerce tools. Shopify is another excellent option for larger stores promoting various products, BigCommerce is ideal for instant-growing shops, whilst Magento 2 has the excellent-searching designs.

Q2. How do I choose an eCommerce Platform?

Ans. Below are some of the critical elements to recall whilst choosing an eCommerce platform on your B2B eCommerce website.
● Hosted, On-premise v/s Cloud-primarily based.
● Open-source.
● Out-of-the-box
● Website renovation.
● PCI security.
● Cost obtained.
● Purchase associated necessities.
● A personalized experience.

Q3. What makes a good eCommerce Platform?

Ans. Good eCommerce web layout is all about using the proper shades, fonts, photos, words, and portraits to persuade traffic to make a buy. Your eCommerce website design has to appeal to potential clients, provide an awesome consumer experience and present your keep in the quality light.

Customized eCommerce Development with Platform of Your Choosing

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