Useful Tips to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy & Generate More Sales


Online businesses are thriving like never before. Customers prefer to shop and book services online from the convenience of their preferred location. With the rising trend-led several companies to adopt profitable Digital Transformation Solutions to make a prominent position in the online space. New technologies, new trends, and accelerating transformations bring ample opportunities for enterprises. If you are still stuck with optimizing your desktop website, then there are high chances that you will be left behind. The time is for small handy gadgets called smartphones that will take your business to a new level and drive more sales. Did you know the fact that 58% of the internet traffic comes from mobile? And, it will increase with the changing times. So, you need to start working on your mobile marketing strategies without wasting much time.

In this post, we are sharing a few tips & tricks as to how you can enhance your smartphone marketing tactics and then avail yourself of iOS or Android App Development Services.


5 Tips to Enhance your Mobile Marketing Strategy


  1. Check your Website Speed on Mobile

How do you know your brand website performs on a mobile device? Have you ever check it? If not, then it’s time to give this a priority task. As you know, a majority of internet users open a website on a smartphone whenever they want to access a product or a service. And, if a potential customer finds your website on mobile goes slow, then he/she will not take much time to switch to your competitive brand.

Checking performance issues with your website on a smartphone is essential to bring a user-friendly experience to customers. Remember, a website page should load within 1 or 2 seconds. If there is a loading delay of more than 3 seconds, then users will leave your website.

The best way to check the performance of your site on mobile is by opening the incognito browser on your smartphone and access your website. You will get to know how a real user will find your website on a smartphone first time and which things you need to improve first.


  1. Perform Local Marketing

Local marketing is all about adding essential SEO-related keywords in a website related to a particular product or service “near me”. You must be knowing this marketing phenomenon of typing any product near me on Google and get innumerable results. You can do it too by working on the following few parameters.

  1. Implement local keywords in your content strategy. Apart from using city-based keywords also use local terms like neighbourhood or street-based keywords to widen your scope of web search.
  2. Get your business listed in several local directors like Bing, Yelp, and other industry-specific ones.
  3. Display as much information you can on all web pages. You can show your contact number, location, address, and email id. Also, implement the Click-to-Call option to engage more and more people to get in touch with you.


  1. Focus on Writing Mobile-Friendly Emails

Do you focus more on email marketing campaigns? If yes, then you should keep small screens in mind before sending bulk emails. A majority of users prefer to read emails on their smartphones while on the go. So, your marketing email content should fit according to the small screen without having too many characters and information. Remember, a user can read the email on a smartphone either vertically or horizontally. Thus, it is important for you to focus on the following few areas:


  1. Short Subject Lines: Mobile devices display small and few characters as compared to desktops. So, you need to minimize the email content with effectiveness.
  2. Preheader Text: It is important to give special consideration to preheader text that displays below the email subject line. Take initiatives to write catchy content for the preheader text and as minimum as possible.
  3. Test your Emails: Check the opening and click rate of your marketing emails by testing on actual devices. Doing this will help you understand, how customers see your emails on small screen devices.
  1. Optimize for Voice Search

 Voice Search is an important component of a mobile website that can increase the overall traffic ratio. Searching for products or services via voice search is different from the text search. Voice related search pattern makes the best use of long-tail keywords or most searched queries on the website. You need to give special emphasis to the questions customers mostly ask on the search engine and include the same in-built queries on your website. Remember, when users perform the voice search, they interact with the website from a person to person. So, optimize your long-tail keyword ratio, meet versatile search queries of users, and get a chance to appear at the top of the featured snippet. 

  1. Incorporate Video

 Video content has far better reach than text-based information. And, there is no better way to showcase marketing videos on smartphones as compared to desktops. It is a fact half of the mobile traffic comes from video which is expected to rise to 75% at the end of 2023. So, it’s high time for you to start adding marketing videos on your website and let users access the same on a small device without any hassle.

Final Analysis

 Performing mobile marketing is certainly not rocket science. With a few simple tips & tricks, you can take your website traffic via smartphone to sky level high. Understand the importance of showing content, offering deals, and shooting emails according to small screen devices as well. Let things be manageable and simple to update by implementing marketing strategies according to small gadgets.

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  1. What is Mobile Marketing?

 Creating specific marketing campaigns for your product/service offering company according to the size of small devices is best known as mobile marketing. Enhance the marketing tactics of the business website by displaying well on smartphones and engage more and more customers.

  1. Do We Need Mobile Marketing for Android or iOS Platform?

You need it for both. There is no strict rule as to where to find your targetted set of customers. You can reach them all by developing a website for both Android and iOS device users. So, think about spreading your wings of marketing in all spheres.

  1. What is the Cost of Android App Development?

The cost development cost of the Andriod app matters on your nature of business, product/service offerings, scale, and project’s complexity. Experience mobile app developers will first evaluate your website condition, suggest possible ways to improve the same and the associated cost.


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