React Native vs Xamarin: Which is a better Mobile App Development Framework?

React Native development

With more and more brands investing in cross-platform app development, it has become a necessity to ensure that mobile app development is based on the right platform. Market is full of advanced tools to build apps but Xamarin and React Native development are the perfect choice for development work. Before seeing the difference between Xamarin Vs React Native, let’s know a brief introduction of both platforms.

Introduction to React Native

React Native is a perfect mobile app development framework designed & managed by Facebook. It’s an open-source tool released in March 2015. It is perfect framework to build both iOS and Android apps. To carry out React Native development, developers must focus on coding in JavaScript and React, thus sound knowledge of these technologies becomes a necessity.

Introduction to Xamarin

Xamarin is an mobile app development framework developed by Novell in 2011, and later in 2016 Microsoft acquired it. It’s an open-source tool used to build both iOS, and Android apps. For Xamarin app development, programmers need to code in C#.

Key Differences of React Native Vs Xamarin

  1. Performance

React Native

It offers local execution features. With React Native, it is easy to build engaging & fast applications. The official site ensure a local presentation, however, local exhibition is achieved uniquely with local dialects, for instance, Java, Objective-C, and Swift. This framework permits developers to use native code, so parts of the app are based out of native code and the rest with React Native. The native code improves the mobile apps presentation.


Xamarin offers features to build high-performance and superior apps. It uses stage explicit approach to give extraordinary speed to mobile app. Similar to React Native, it gives a close local presentation.

  1. Development Environment

React Native

It offers remarkable flexibility to the developers. It gives liberty to pick their own improvement feature. Developer can choose any IDE for their mobile app improvement work. Luckily, multiple IDEs and content tools are present on the Internet, for example, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Nuclide, and Deco IDE. Thus, the developer can pick the one they prefer the most.


To offer Xamarin app development services, the development environment is Visual Studio. That is the main choice available. However, conditions are diverse, in any case, working with them isn’t easy. Thus the important development condition is to set up the environment for building an engaging mobile app with Xamarin in Visual Studio.

  1. Development Speed

React Native

The ‘Hot Reload’ feature in React Native improves the speed of development process. You can save time by utilizing this feature as it lets you reload your app after changes without reloading it. To make adjustments in the code, no need to incorporate the code. Simply, hot reload the application. In addition, React Native Development is integrated with several pre-built components to achieve a faster speed.


With Xamarin framework, the presence of Visual Studio speeds up the complete development work. The formats gave you a great deal of time when building an application. You don’t have to code the controls without any preparation. Instead of, you can utilize the accessible controls. What’s more, the Xamarin modules make your job easier while buying you heaps of time.

  1. Market Share

React Native

It is a popular platform consistently used by multiple organizations, both startups as well as established ones. The most popular companies using React Native comprise of Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, Facebook Analytics, Pinterest, Bloomberg, Skype, Uber, Walmart, Artsy, Chop, Discord, Tesla, and many more.


What apps use Xamarin app development you might be thinking? Maintained by Microsoft, Xamarin has a huge community of 700,000 plus developers working across 30,000 different companies. Some of the renowned companies using Xamarin framework are Honeywell, Samsung, BOSCH, Cognizant, Slack, and JetBlue.

Xamarin vs React Native development

– Which is better?

Selecting one of the two framework is a tough job as both are of high-quality standards and both have been developed by reputed companies. Instead of searching which framework is better, look for your business needs to select the right fit. If your developers are experienced in JavaScript and React, invest in React Native Development, as they will instantly analyze its concepts, and will surely enjoy working with it. On the other hand, Xamarin is perfect when developers are experienced with C#. They will quickly learn it and feel more pleased working with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is React Native better than Xamarin?

React Native is flexible- it allows developers to choose the IDE/ text editor they love the most. Generally, Expo is used to debug and build React Native apps. On the flip side, Xamarin is more powerful and friendlier, as it allows developers to write code for an iPhone app on Windows and compile it for Mac.

  1. Why is Xamarin the best?

Xamarin is one of the best mobile app platforms to build such field service mobile apps quickly. It offers a cost-effective framework to develop apps using single language C# and class library to run across all mobile platforms of iOS, Android and Windows. 90% of the code can be shared across all major platforms.

  1. Is React Native dead?

No, React Native is not dead. Companies like Facebook (who created Reactjs), Instagram, Walmart and many more companies are using react in their production.

Wrapping Up:

The demand for cross-platform apps is seeing a huge surge. Both Xamarin and React Native are the perfect app development tool to consider in 2021. The choice between the two depends on your business objectives, project requirements and budget. However, in current scenario, React Native is a reputed framework. It has steady growth, amazing code structure with huge community support. But whatever you opt for, we at OrangeMantra Tech has a dedicated team to work fluently on both framework.

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