Banking Software Solutions

Mobile banking is becoming commonplace around the world. Because of this, we help consumers to conduct their banking activity faster and increase accessibility through mobile banking apps. Our banking app developers are experts in visualizing the opportunities present in banking apps. They are privy in delivering both basic and specialized functionality across multiple platforms, ensuring a better user-interface experience and ease of usability.

We, at OrangeMantra, challenge the status quo by delivering top quality customer experiences matched with sound mobile strategies. The challenges faced by the banking industry revolve around the demand to address strict governing and compliance standards, commoditization of products and services, and managing operational costs. There are more complexities that relate to geofencing of branches, offline functionality, security, customer engagement, and platform adoption.

Features of Mobile Banking Apps at OrangeMantra

  User Driven Methodology

We implement agile methodologies convenient to users and deliver results to organizations with faster reach to the market.

  Cross-functional Delivery Team

Our team comprises and follows a cross-functional model. Our team is led by a product manager, has marketing team personnel, a designer, a developer team, a testing team, and so forth.

  Performance Oriented Architecture

Our banking model is able to speed up the delivery process – lending scalability, version control, and integration of all banking platforms are all possible with our model. Our solutions are based on native platforms using Android, iOS, Windows, cross-platforms using Xamarin, Apache, Titanium, Ionic, and Reactive.


Disruptive Customer Experience across the channels

Our mobile banking development services extend across mobile, web and service applications enabling you to react to the needs and requisites of customers. A transaction could be started on the customer's mobile device while travelling and completed on the desktop at home/office conveniently without loss of data input.

Only Doc, txt, Excel and Pdf files are allowed.

Advantages of Banking Application Development Services at OrangeMantra

We are domain experts across several multi-vendor platforms and possess industry specific experience.

We hand over the source code and IP rights for you once the project is developed and launched.

We are available for real-time communication and collaboration for compliant application development.

Track record of repeat business and several referrals.

Our mobile app developers are continuously into research and development which results in proactive products.

We cater to the needs of all segments of banks such as: public or private sector, MNCs, cooperatives, unions, NFBCs, and microfinance organizations.

Affordable and competitive services and support across the globe with excellent track record of service.

We train your team either on site or through online live training.

Common platform for web-based banking software, settlement services, multichannel banking services, reporting, etc.


Our Competencies in Banking Software Solutions

Retail Banking Services

  • Software solutions for retail banking: loans, savings, term deposits, cheques, mortgages, investor loans, retirement plans, safe deposits, regulatory reporting, integration of ATM, i-Banking, voice recognition unit, ACH, etc.

Commercial Banking Services

  • Commercial banking solutions for commercial loans, trade finance, bills for collection, negotiation, discount, purchase, factoring, forfeiting, LOC, year-end reporting, processing, ERM, analytic solutions, etc.

Custom banking software development

  • Develop software that works successfully across web-based platforms, mobile, on site, offline works, etc. for smooth customer relationship management (CRM), Personal Finance Management (PFM), and streamlined work flow.

Core Banking

  • We facilitate core banking software for smoother transactions with a multi-currency system, a multilingual system, a common web interface, internet, ATM, mobile banking, and back office management – all with high security and reliability.

Private Banking

  • We deliver flexible portfolio setup integrated with core and online banking, reporting features, portfolio statements, export option to PDF, Excel or Word, automated updates of foreign exchange, and back office management – all with global security.

Online Banking

  • Ease of usability for customers without coming to the bank, efficient transaction in real-time, perfect blend of normal and casual transactions from customer point-of-view, etc. via internetservices.

Mobile Wallet and Banking

  • Our services are flexible for conventional banks, internet banking, mobile banking, or through wearable technology devices, virtual wallets, etc.

Data Analysis and RiskData Analysis and Risk

  • We offer software solutions to help you analyze various data online instantly on real-time environments, operate a high-risk environment, and mitigate risk with informed decisions within a stipulated time frame.

Payment Automation

  • Today's economy flows amidst various channels and geographical boundaries in the form of plastic money, virtual currency, and others in order to deliver ease for the user. We create solutions to accept payment online and mobile for industries.

Portfolio Solutions

  • It's a compulsion for today's investment and wealth organizations to help their customers manage their portfolio. We create portfolio management tools with a secure back-end and offer a unique experience for the customers of our clients.

Our Featured Products

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