Financial Industry Software Solutions

The financial world faces interesting challenges such as M&A, providing new services, and adhering to new regulatory frameworks at regional and global levels. It is an absolute necessity to have qualified professionals as well as practical and technological software and solutions to overcome these challenges.

We, at OrangeMantra, have a thorough knowledge of the finance environment, the latest technology, the regulatory frameworks, market value, and demands. This enables us to succeed in delivering practical solutions. Our experts meet those challenges and increase the profitability of your business by getting you tech-savvy and affluent clientele with minimum investment cost and risks.

Features of Financial Industry Software Solutions

  Automated Management of End-to-End Accounting

Streamline the financial administration in each phase: accounts payable, accounts receivable, debit and credit, cash flow management, purchases, sales, payroll, and general ledgers.

  Global Support

Support multiple currencies, languages, and nation-specific guidelines and laws. Facilitate multinational transactions, execution and management of financial tasks across multiple departments, and manage business units spread over various geographical areas


Financial data such as trends, patterns of revenue exchange, and market conditions help in ascertaining future financial activity and helps in practical strategic planning.


Tracking and monitoring of cash flow across business units and departments streamlined for an accurate budget. Allocations with real-time view of cash flow status and activities across the entire organization.

  Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Generation of balance sheets, P&L statements, and other related financial reports provides an in-depth analysis so that financial professionals are able to customize their planning and execution strategies.

  Advanced Security Features

Our software carries a strong and powerful architecture coupled with advanced security features and can protect your confidential data by preventing unauthorized access.

  Internet portals

Internet portals enhance interactivity between the vendor and the customer. Secure specified access for customers, employees, and suppliers. View and track purchases, invoice payments, and other business transactions.

  Cloud Architecture

Cloud-based accounting system lowers investment costs, reduces risks, and improves productivity. Best-in-class service by creating easy work flow through our software integration process.




OrangeMantra offers customized Financial Services and solutions to its clients with reduced cost and risks.

We ensure data integrity, it's easy management, restructuring, security and privacy risks with latest and innovative services and give you the required cutting-edge. Our experts streamline the complete financial services life cycle leading to increased operational efficiency.

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Our Competencies in Financial Software Solutions

Financial Planning and Analysis: We help in developing a strategic plan, budgeting, development, cost management, monitoring, reporting, closing accounting, disclosure, and governance through automation and with accuracy.

Treasury and Risk Management: Our solutions help to make a crystal clear account on payments and bank communications, cash and liquidity funds, debt and investment management, and financial and commodity management.

Financial Operations Managing receivables, invoices, travel, real estate, shared finance, fraudulence management, auditing, international trade, compliance, etc.

Housing finance business We help organizations in adopting the best credit evaluation practices, minimize risks, management of loans, mortgage management, etc. with outstanding technology solutions.

Wealth Management Integrated internet portals to support of money markets, fixed income, self-directed investment management, automated credit and collateral checking, multilingual correspondence, etc.

Margin Trading Monitor in real-time collateral and credit limits, margin and limit checks, multilingual client support, margin calls and transaction confirmations, integrated web publishing, and so forth.

Corporate Solutions User defined workflows, real-time monitoring of counter parties, traders, currencies, payments, sub-ledger accounting, completely integrated front, middle, and back-office functionality and more.

Solutions for Brokers/Dealers We help for global cross-product trade and risk management by covering interest rate, equity, monitor credit limit, limit cheques, multiple front-office, scalability, faster execution, SMS, e-mail notifiers, and so forth.


Key value Differentiator for Finance Software Solution
at OrangeMantra


  • Our agile developers redefine your development environment through customer-centric approach and accelerate time to the market.


  • We create new streams coupled with value-added service, extend functionality, and optimize financial services for your business models.

Attract customers

  • Our automated paperless system simplifies your work flow, and enables you to make informed decisions faster, and map across regions and business lines.

Leverage Technology

  • We leverage every aspect of our technology in order to customize your user experience, strengthen your brand, and promote continuity.


  • We deliver compliant solutions involving the best practices for cross-business risk management and regulated operational processes with practicality.


  • We create secure applications, improve productivity and visibility across a wide range of devices, and make you move with the market trends.

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