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Technology plays a vital role in bringing necessary advancements in the healthcare sector with respect to provide seamless patient care. Whether you are a doctor, patient, medical representative, or fitness expert, healthcare mobile app development solutions offer a profitable transition from a traditional face-to-face approach to digital interaction at all levels. Mainly to bridge the gap between patients and necessary care remotely, we deliver exceptional healthcare mobile app development services to support the infrastructure and a large pool of patients spreading widely to deal with unprecedented pressure.

As a leading and reliable Healthcare Mobile App Development Company, we strive to offer innovative solutions for physicians, pharmacists, biotechnical professionals, and medical representatives. Here, we have a team of Healthcare mobile app developer having extensive years of experience in the same industry and prior expertise in developing result-oriented solutions at low cost.

Mobile Apps for Doctors

Development of mobile apps for clinicians and medical practitioners to connect with patients for care and observation.

Mobile Apps for Facilities

We build customized and dynamic healthcare apps to provide clinical, medicine, and diagnosis facilities for patients.

Mobile Apps for Caregivers

Healthcare apps for caregivers and representatives at the hospitals to keep a record of their attendance, caregiving, and ensuring complete fulfillment of responsibilities.


End-to-End Healthcare Mobile App Development Solutions

Partner with OrangeMantraTech as a trusted Healthcare Mobile App Development Company that adds new capabilities to your existing healthcare system. We offer a host of healthcare mobility solutions while ensuring to keep pace with the latest trends and facilities.

Healthcare Mobile App

We are here to build a HIPPA compliant healthcare mobile app with having a rich spectrum of features including secure payment, doctor-to-patient interaction, activity tracking, diagnosis assistance, audio-video messaging, and more. Mainly to ensure seamless digital healthcare treatment and remote healthcare support, our team provides optimum development assistance.

Medical Appointment App

Appointment apps for medical practitioners, representatives, and clinicians automate the process of appointments for patients. We provide innovative means of technical features allowing medical staff to provide particular appointment timelines to patients according to the doctor’s availability. The in-built calendar feature of the app allows patients to view the schedule of doctors and book appointments accordingly.

mPrescription App

An upscale iOS and Android app development of mPrescription app. It helps doctors uploading their respective prescriptions for better management and minimizing the risk factor. Such prescriptions reach the concerned patient digitally to obtain medicines quickly without any hassle. Along with prescriptions, you can also share the record of the medical treatment, reports, medical history, and important health vitals.

Lab Management App

Our professional team of healthcare app developers provides complete assistance in developing diagnostic lab apps. We offer both iOS and Android app development solutions to medical laboratories to upload reports of patients, respective patients can download the reports, sample collection, sending emails, and notifications, etc.

Healthcare Chatbots

Get Healthcare Chatbot integration on apps to reduce the workload and pressure of frontline workers solving common queries of patients. We integrate the virtues of Artificial Intelligence technology with Virtual Assistants and provide a 24x7 running Chatbot system. Smart and interactive responses are infused in Chatbot that helps patients concerning diagnosis, preliminary examination, engagement, outpatient reach, reminders, billing, and other queries. Hire Healthcare mobile app developer to include the feature of a round-the-clock virtual assistant on your healthcare app to bring seamless solutions to patients.

Mobile EHR

Working proficiently as an ideal healthcare mobile app development company, we abide by HIPAA standards to create viable solutions. Be it like in terms of digital solutions for doctors and patients to share prescriptions, medical insurance information, get to know the treatment history, and other major assistants. We develop all such solutions under one single technical roof for the benefit of all.


Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Process

As an uplifting and transforming Healthcare Mobile App Development Company, we follow a strategic process of developing scalable apps. We work with proper planning and strategy from start to finish and help clients get high-quality apps meeting all standards.

  Initial Analysis

At first, our qualified and experienced business experts understand the client’s requirements. Once understood, then take kick-off meetings with our professional team of developers and designers.

  Build Scalable Solutions

We build scalable solutions for clients to make sure healthcare apps function well and as per the standards of enterprises. Every single healthcare mobile app developer from our team works with the latest development tools and innovative suite of functionalities.


Our team of QA assurance experts and testers make sure to analyze, verify, and check the overall functionalities of your application. Apart from the quality iOS and Android app development assistance, we also provide a bug-free solution to your apps to perform effectively.


We follow strict adherence to iOS and Android app development guidelines for the successful launch of the application. Here, we make sure to pay special attention to all the details of the app and seamless functionalities before the launch period.


Why Choose Us your Leading Healthcare Mobile App Development Company?

Hire healthcare mobile app developer from our extensive team of professionals with avail secure, scalable, and flexible app development solutions.

We develop user-centric app development solutions.

Seamless communication with clients to ensure smooth interaction & coordination.

Compliant with 100% security of the patient’s and medical practitioners’ data.

Result-oriented cross-platform app development.

24x7 running support and maintenance to ensure no discrepancy ahead.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why It is Important to Develop Healthcare Mobile App?
    In the present day digital landscape when online medical assistance is available at all quarters, it is necessary to invest in healthcare mobile app development. Build a feature-rich app according to your enterprise reach and meet the requirements of a wide scale of patients.
  • Which is Better iOS or Android App Development?
    It all depends on the targetted market reach of your list of patients. If the number is more on the Andriod side, then take the necessary steps. Otherwise, you can build interactive and scalable iOS healthcare apps.
  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire Healthcare Mobile App Developer?
    Getting to know the cost of hiring a healthcare mobile app developer depends on the nature and size of your project. Every organization has different app development requirements based on which exact cost is decided.
  • What Would be the Total Cost of Healthcare Mobile App Development?
    Estimating the cost of healthcare mobile app development is difficult unless all your requirements and project analysis are taken into consideration. Only then the team of developers will decide the overall cost and share the same with you.

Looking for Skilled and Professional Healthcare Mobile App Developer?

The use of the internet today has become inevitable for most people. They carry out most of what they do online day to day with the help the internet or mobile apps. We, at OrangeMantra, help the hospitals, pharmacies, and patients access real-time critical data through text, voice, data capture, and anything else an individual or firm needs.

Features of Healthcare Industry Software Solutions


Helps you respond instantly to patient demands like critical care information, emergency room visits, ambulances, first aid, and appointments with a physician.


Give your patients access to information on critical care, tests, facilities, procedures, prescriptions and drug use, and more.


Helps patients get directions and reach hospitals in the most efficient manner possible while accurately displaying travel times.

  Pricing and Fees

Patients are able to access information about pricing and fees for a variety of medical services – they can also request appointments with general physicians or specialists.


Doctors and patients are able to get the latest news and updates on health and medical research, new medicine discoveries, weight management, pregnancy and child care, and so on.

  Contact Pages

Easily access directory of main hospitals in the city complete with maps and phone numbers.

  Search Option

Find a specialist or physician in your area quickly.

  First Aid

Practical how-to guide for first aid, complete with pictures and videos to educate first responders on situations like infant choking, animal bites, bleeding, burns, and other emergencies.

  Virtual Tour

Get turn-by-turn information from your current location to nearby relevant healthcare services.




Our Healthcare solutions
services address the
challenges of healthcare
and brings

Profitability, compliance to prevailing demands, patient satisfaction, locate nearby health care units, emergency care, pharmacy, and more. We excel in developing Point of Care solutions for enhanced clinical productivity, hospital workflow solutions to increase revenue, Patient education and engagement apps for maintaining smooth patient-physician relationship and, more.

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Our Competencies in Healthcare Industry Solutions

Empower physicians with mobile apps for greater efficiency in responding to and meaningfully engaging patients

Proven method to enhance patient engagement and experience resulting in raised patient satisfaction scores.

Transform the traditional workflow into mobile optimized workflow to enhance the efficiency with security.

Cloud-based technologies help the doctors to analyze patient data for a variety of diagnostic scenarios

Healthcare vaults and portals help patients access their personal health records and data, drugs used, and other information online anytime – anywhere.

Healthcare and wellness applications providing details like exercise tracking, heart rate monitoring, diet management, and more to manage their own general health.

We use the latest technology and the latest smart phone capabilities to engage with your patients in real-time, too.



Advantages of Healthcare Solution Development at OrangeMantra

Secure environment and confidentiality

Enhanced patient management system

Effective communication between doctors and patients in real-time

Enhanced quality of services compliant to regulations

Saves time, cost, and provides information on emergency care

Real-time access of critical data across devices

Access to personal medical care records anytime from anywhere

General health tips on diet, fitness, first aid and other emergency information

Personalized care, alerts, and notification to patients

Search for physicians, pharmacies and other facilities by location

Compare medical prices and place order for home delivery

Access cutting-edge medical facilities at your fingertips

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