Jewelry Website Development

The Jewelry Industry today needs to consider how it can be competitive online. The online shift is highly essential to capture... the increasing share of the bridal market, retail, and the vendors. For today's millennial generation, a business does not exist if it is not online.

We, at OrangeMantra provide the best Jewelry Industry Technology solutions and will make your online move successful. Our technology experts' knowledge and experience focus on the needs of the jeweler, customers, the role of jewelry e-commerce websites, and the role of mobile apps so as to generate sales.

Features of Jewelry Industry Software Solutions

  ERP Suite

We integrate a complete ERP suite to streamline business processes and maximize efficiency with financial, production, sales order, return, repair, and other module integration.



We help you adapt with your growing business with an adept server which can handle large volumes of transactions and is scalable to the change in the number of users as needed.


  Flexibility in Order Processing

We help you generate and handle memos, invoices, samples, and salesman systems in a comfortable and easy manner. Order processing is integrated with the production system for smooth work flow.


  Enable Bar Code

The bar code helps you track work bags at production stages, ensure quality, and avoid delays. Bar coded inventory and sales enable easy management at every stage of your business.


  Industry Features

We integrate all of your business transactions starting from productivity to sales in real-time in such a way that every movement of the whole system is tracked and accounted for.


  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The Electronic Data Interchange facilitates automatic electronic receiving and transmitting of purchase orders and invoices for clients.


  RFID feature

We enable jewelers to maintain inventory more accurately by linking inventory data, shipping data, and sales data. It also reduces management costs.



Access only user-related items and define access permission. Module level and object level accessibility brings in the required security for the jeweler.



B2B And B2C Jewelry Web and App Solutions

OrangeMantra's web and mobile solutions help jewelry businesses of all sizes, B2B vendors to manage their raw material, ready stocks, production, inventory accounts, order status, sales, staff, etc. from anywhere. We envelop all the facets of jewelry business with simplified solutions and device compatibility. We provide unique and customizable solutions and incorporate the latest technologies such as bar code, RFID, mobile technology, and e-commerce.

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Our Competencies in Jewelry Industry Software Solutions

Website Development

We develop custom Jewelry websites for retailers, vendors, fashion/bridal jewelers, designer galleries, marketplaces, DIY online design modules, and more.

Mobile Apps Development

OrangeMantra designs and develops mobile apps to facilitate shopping, design your own jewelry, catalog apps, and jewelry maker apps – giving a competitive edge.


OrangeMantra provides branding assistance by designing banners, e-mailer designs, e-brochures, business cards, logo designs, and more.

Marketing Services

We provide various marketing services such as affiliate and micro site marketing, PPC and FB Ads, SEM and e-mail marketing, marketplace promotions, etc.

Back Office Process Management

OrangeMantra has a powerful CRM system: track services, note leads, schedule follow-ups, live-chat system, community pages, back office management, etc.

Device Compatibility

OrangeMantra works on all platforms and devices. Work online and offline from anywhere across the world.


Advantages of Jewelry Industry Software Solutions
at OrangeMantra


  • With our years of experience, we are able to deliver simple yet powerful solutions to give you the cutting edge. Our designs were created with you in mind: less time spent doing data entry and more time spent looking at your business from a big picture perspective.

Optimized Software

  • We optimize the store as per your business process model: manufacturers, designers, distributors, retailers, vendors, and other kinds of operations. We provide standard solutions for diamond and gem suppliers too.

Point of Sale [POS] Management

  • We design efficient POS management systems to track your inventory sales, sales trends, set up coupon or discount redemption support and trends, and have it communicated with your other business support services (logistics, suppliers, vendors, etc.)

Best-In-Class Services

  • We ensure best-in-class service by carefully monitoring management steps at each stage: idea conception, development, functionality addition, usability, delivery, and support.

Cost Effective Services

  • Our approach towards project management and delivery ensures on-time task completion with complete utilization of the investment cost, bearing no loss for the client.

Convenient Shopping

  • We offer convenient shopping for both the mobile customers and customers who navigate through your website with smart, safe, and secure payment gateway integration.

Full Service Providers

  • We understand the defined business objectives and provide all the needed and associated services starting from design architecture to digital marketing and mobile presence with constant technical support.


  • We securely manage your trade secrets, copyrights, source codes, and any other data you share with us for business purposes through an NDA. We ensure a high level of security and confidentiality

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