Retail Software Solutions

The Online Retail industry is a fast moving and constantly changing industry that pivots on-demand with consumer needs. Consumers tend to explore and adopt emerging technologies – especially if it gives them more choices and a greater access to purchase channels. OrangeMantra helps in transforming your business in accordance with shopping behavior and efficient emerging technology solutions.

OrangeMantra understands the challenges that any retail industry would face: meeting changing demands, maximizing customer service, enhancing operations, reducing overhead costs, increasing management efficiency, and more. We provide a complete retail software solutions from store (warehouse) to shopping application.

We are experts in developing and optimizing single or multiple store operations encompassing small, mid-sized, or large-sized retail businesses.

Features of Retail Software Solutions

  Inventory Management System

Inventory accounts for the largest working capital and is the nucleus of the supply chain. The flow of units from or into existing inventory needs a vigilant solution for proper maintenance of the business. Our solutions support bar codes, images, attributes, assortment, allocation to a POS, tracking, in-transit reports, several operating units, valuations, and more.


  Production Management

We make the complexities of retail simple and systematic. Resources such as materials, energy, daily wages, equipment, advanced tracking, in-house manufacturing, control production, etc. are managed accurately. We are known for seamless accounts integration at every phase of production with the utmost data sensitivity.


  Procurement System

OrangeMantra makes your purchase process easier with order entry, authorization, and its receipt. It is easy to manage purchase orders, multiple orders, invoices and receipts, logistics and gate entry, price charts for SKUs and the vendors, service billing, import SKUs in formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, and set terms.


  Sales and Distribution

Businesses wish to engage multiple communication channels such as distributors, agencies, drop shippers, multiple branches, warehouses, distribution units, and so forth. It's critical to have a smart notification system for orders, delivered goods, invoicing, sales planning, track pipeline stock, in-transit stocks, POS systems, and so forth.


  Finance Management

Our solutions make it easy for maintaining accounts of spent money in sales, distribution, procurement, cash flow at the POS, petty expenses, tax deductions, debtors, creditors, vendor transactions, account calendar, tracking of post-dated cheques, P/L statement, balance sheet, budget plans, interest calculation for outstanding balances, split stock, etc.


  Retail Management

We create intelligent integration of retail ERP through multi-channel management, retail analytics reports at the POS, data retrieval in PDF or Excel format, recording of sales, purchases, and other transactions at POS into the accounting system, data backup, generate reports from the central office, and all other things related to retail.


  Customer Loyalty

We help you maintain digital data of customer details, data analytics, analyze customer behavior, promotions through partners, and more. Maintain customer loyalty through successful retailing based on reports, reward loyal customers through customer loyalty programs, outsourcing of any other related services, and more.


  Analytics and Dashboard

Get analysis of current trends, identify the right products at right place to maintain customer retention, detection & prevention of fraud, and analyze and reduce human error. We offer web and mobile-based analytics, live graphs, share sessions, images, and filters – making the job easy.



We follow the standard and established practices that governs the retail market at global level through customized solutions.

Our expert team provide a wide range of retail solutions from Supply chain management, website design and development, develop Mobile apps, help in branding, Logistics management, and moreover our Business Intelligence team create dashboard for all the activities in the organization.

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Our Competencies in Retail Software Solutions

Omni-channel Retail Solutions: We help you tap the market through all your sales channels such as online stores, physical stores, and mobile shopping apps – streamlining the operations with integrated software.

Retail CRM and Business Intelligence Solutions: Our business intelligence solutions help you give an enhanced user experience, increase web and mobile traffic, and increase its popularity with users.

Retail Supply Chain and Logistics Solution: We understand the demands of the supply chain network and logistics. The brand's reputation is hinged on their efficiency, so we provide intelligent solutions to keep them running smoothly.

Enterprise level Retail Solutions: We help retail giants by providing enterprise-level retail solutions and support for every aspect of your retail businesses and couple it with big data analytics.

Effective IT Solutions: We meet the needs of business operations across all segments such as single brand stores, big box retail, online retail, suppliers and distributors, retail ERP, and so on.

Serve various Business segments: We create innovative and comprehensive solutions for any of industry vertical apparel, food retail, sports, department stores, jewelry, home decor, grocery, fashion, and more.

Key Value Delivered for Retail Software Solutions
at OrangeMantra

End-to-End Solutions

  • We are flexible, scalable, and affordable. We complement the converging web and mobile strategies required to meet the dynamic changes of the retail industry.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

  • We execute perfect promotion strategies, enhance productivity, and maximize profitability. With these, we drive conversion.

Wide Portfolio of Services

  • We have experts working in a wide range of portfolios with technological excellence across those platforms.

Competitive Pricing

  • We make each phase of your investment worth it with 100% quality assurance, seamless communication, and customization as your needs require.

Maintenance and Support

  • We provide post-launch maintenance and support, regularly upgrade software, and use secure encryption measures.

Bring the World to Your Fingertips

  • We create an environment where the world is your office space.

Standard Solutions

  • We make your solutions hardware independent so that your retail manager can work on any device – including existing hardware.


  • We help you work across multiple locations with multiple currencies and with multilingual support with optimal store conversion.

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