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People use smart phones today to book tickets for travel, accommodations, adventure activities, and to gather data regarding travel destinations. At OrangeMantra, we are committed to solve the real-time business challenges of the travel and tourism industries. We help your business connect with guests and travelers through their smart phones, their social media, and their e-mails.

Features of Tours and Travel Software Solutions

  Reservation System:

You are able to make reservations for tours through accepting online bookings, payments, manage customers for sight seeing, tour packages, and other adventure activities.


  Booking Data:

You can manage booking activities such as booking confirmation emails, cancellation emails, payment authentication, notifications of schedule changes, customizable e-mails, and so on.


  Payment Integration System:

A wide range of merchant gateway systems facilitates online payment processing in real-time at the highest level of security.


  Mobility Solutions:

You can offer exclusive discounts for regular travelers, send push notifications for pending travel schedules or new offers, and pair them with other travel and tourism app features.


  Online Marketing:

You can market products and services online as well as structure strategies like SEO and SEM in order to attract a wide range of audiences and boost your sales.


  Customer Service:

You can track client's tickets, request for travel schedule changes, scrutinize feedback reports, deliver better customer service, and create environments for agents to chat with customers in real-time.


  Synchronize the business data:

You can connect booking systems and services across multiple front-end systems ensuring a complete sync of various pieces of business information.


  Manage Finance:

You can manage financial data through reporting, analysis, cost and revenue monitoring, multiple currency support, etc.


  Sales Performance:

Our solutions help you segment your customers, analyze sales performance, optimize sales channel strategies, and target customers through timely and relevant offers.


  Interactive Travel Guides:

With augmented reality apps, we give you tourism and travel destination insights for travelers through the use of 3D images, interactive components, and videos.


  Real-Time Directions:

Our travel apps are designed to provide real-time directions to specific locations such as hotels, tourism destinations, ATMs, and so on. In addition, apps are configured tell the user information about tourism destinations such as visiting hours, pricing, and ratings from other visitors.


  City Tours:

We help the tourists to catch a glimpse of the city's history, present changes, and so forth, right in front of their eyes by using the hand-held devices in a more comfortable manner.



The OrangeMantra team help you in simplifying the business processes, deliver uninterrupted services for the customers, manage investment cost, meet business objectives, reduce operational costs, increase Return on Investment, and, so forth.

In addition to conventional mobile app delivery, we take your customers experience to a heightened level through Augmented Reality Tourism softwares. We characterize the website and apps with 3D animations, audio, images, video, charts, indicators, and, etc; specified set of parameters like person, time, location, and, etc.

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Our Competencies in Tour and Travel Software Solutions

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Travel Itinerary Generator:

We incorporate a route planner which is able to generate a route map for a specified destination along with its distance and approximate travel time with reference to traffic in real-time.

Geolocation Tracking:

The feature tracks the traveler's present location and helps the traveler find nearby hotels, cafes, ATMs, gas stations, and other places in real-time and at a faster rate.

Weather Forecast:

We help tourists plan and make comfortable arrangements like finding weather-appropriate outfits, weather-related accessories, and plans that are weather specific (e.g. skiing resort recommendations in the winter).

Language Translator:

Carry a personal interpreter in your pocket and get the feeling of being a native. Become familiarized with the local cultures and traditions by breaking the language barrier.

Cab Service Integration:

We make the traveller's trip smooth by facilitating to and fro movements from airport to hotel or any other destination with cab service integration.

Social Media Integration:

We integrate social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others facilitating real-time interaction with friends, share snaps, and share short videos.

Review Trip:

You can review hotel services, cafes, cabs, and interesting facts and history of the places you visited on the trip review modules. Travelers can give opinions and ratings about their accommodations, food, and entertainment choices.



Advantages of Tour and Travel Software Development
Services at OrangeMantra

Increased Mobility

  • Our mobility solutions help the travel and tourism industry simplify the booking process, showcase ads, promotional offers, discounts, retrieve customer details, serve a diverse customer base, and enhance client service and satisfaction.

Faster Launch

  • Entice customers with ready-to-use booking engines, visual appeal, easily accessible destination choices, integrated payment method, and reservation system.

Customized Services:

  • We help you deliver customized services to clients for online booking, automate your sales force, promote marketing, automate back-office processes, reporting, travel preferences, etc.

Enhance Engagement:

  • We help you actively target and engage your customers across multiple channels, update customers regarding their booking details in real-time, reconnect with the visitors on pending bookings, and so on.

Ease of Use:

  • Apps are user-friendly, scalable, UI/UX friendly, and cross-platform functional. We develop apps that are directly in line with consumer interests and needs.

Domain Experts:

  • Our mobile app developers are experienced in the domain, carrying a proven track record of success. Years of experience, knowledge, research, and enthusiasm in the field helps us to develop the best software solutions ever in the industry.


  • We understand that that your software needs to be secure – it handles customer details, account details, transactions, and so on. We integrate security and scalability into your apps for your long-term benefit.

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