FMCG Software Solutions

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods [FMCG] are products that have to be sold quickly and at a low cost Our solutions involve adaptive planning, fast delivery, quick accommodation to change requests, and flexibility. Orange Mantra brings simplicity to complex supply management solutions, from raw material acquisition to product delivery to the end user – from soup to nuts.

As one of the best-in-class IT solution providers, Orange Mantra takes on some of the toughest challenges in the industry to help you manage your day-to-day activities with ease. We help you plan your logistics processes, help with anticipating demand, and surpass your customers' expectations.

Features of FMCG Industry Solutions

  Purchase Feature

This feature helps you in planning purchases, managing purchase orders; reporting and reminders from suppliers, pending AP / AR, bar coding, establishing and changing sales, online purchase management, comparison shopping, analyses and purchase reports, and so on.


  Billing Feature

Facilitates billing support systems such as cash/credit, invoice splits, variations in rate, discounts, returns and replacements, back-dated stock, bill switching, automated excise / tax calculations, and so on.


  Configurable Invoice

Features invoice taxing, billing with inclusive / exclusive tax, MRP billing, multiple taxation options, trading invoices, exporting invoices, customizable invoice format, and other features as per business demand.



We help you generate taxation reports, registers, summary of purchase taxes, sales taxes, account registers, VAT returns, receivables, issuables, checklists, and summaries for partners, vendors, independent dealers, and more.


  Management System

Maintain an information framework that monitors flow of funds, cash, budget limits, analysis of purchases, sales, gross profit, expense data, operator log books, graphic analyses, SMS / email features, and all support documentation for easy management.



User-defined notifications, periodic data backup for easy retrieval, data export to Word/Excel/Text, GUI prints, data security features, carbon copy system, print your reports from anywhere, summarized view of accounts, stop billing facility, and more.


  Inventory Management

Import inventory and sort based on group, brand, or category. Analyze stock purchase behavior, gross profit margins, and price structuring and analysis for a region or the global market. Manage inventory by batch, MRP, reference code, or other sort factors.


  Finance Accounts

Maintain an account book, balance sheet, purchase and sales register, payment reminder letters, interest calculation, analysis of reports, statements of account, funds planning, bank planning, post dated cheques, voucher approval, accounting chart, and more.




OrangeMantra helps you build loyalty by customer engagement, the greatest challenge of FMCG.

We provide FMCG software solutions for both the whole sale and retail purposes and cater to the needs of superstores, Departmental stores, and Hypermarket. Our solutions has got all the required spaces in its full dimension such as handle purchase, sales, returns and replacements, accounting, analytics, promotions, reporting, customer engagement, and all that a FMCG needs.

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Our Competencies in FMCG Software Solutions

Sales and Distribution: We deliver comprehensive and advanced solutions required for sales and distribution including major operations such as accounting, sales orders, replenishment, stock delivery, taxes, loyalty programs, and more.

ERP Solutions: Our ERP system brings you transparency and flexibility – providing lead management components, supply chain components, performance management, personalized portals, and so on.

Bank Synchronization: Sync bank statements, upload bank statement files, obtain real-time structured data, and make informed decisions.

Mobile Application: We develop mobile applications across devices and operating systems that access key reports on phones from anywhere, anytime. Pull invoices, check bank transactions, profitability, and so on.

Logistics Management: Helps to reduce operation cost, increased dispatch, enhanced retail booking, centralized integrated system, enhanced field activity, manage stock in an organized way, and other practical benefits.

E-commerce Solutions: Customized solutions to sell products online: website development, secure payment integration, shopping cart, daily updates of FMCG products from admin end order tracking, summary report, etc.

Customer Relationship Management: Customized for your business – maintain customer loyalty and retain a long-term relationship with existing customers while attracting new customers.

User-friendly Solutions: Menu driven, easy implementation, reduces need for support staff, audio or visual indicators; easy and intuitive operation, easy search through search bar option, and more.



Key value Differentiator for FMCG Software Solutions
at OrangeMantra

We give you the competitive edge

  • The FMCG requires fast-paced technology that can be implemented easily while being intuitive to use. Stay competitive with us and move your business forward.

Protection and Compliance

  • FMCG must be ready to protect their intellectual property. We mitigate that risk through our data privacy measures while remaining compliant with your internal protocols – protecting your reputation and intellectual property.

Sell anywhere anytime

  • We help you plan and execute sales across modern mobile devices, enable your sales force to secure information quickly, and access details from anywhere at anytime.

Business Expansion

  • We help you expand your business by capturing new markets while handling new customers with the resources at the same time. Our solutions maximize awareness while gaining market share.

Manage Territory

  • Unit-level management of sales helps your organization to analyze the sales activities and allocate appropriate resources to the right sales channels for an effective ROI.


  • We respond actively to suggestions for additions or changes anytime throughout the project development phase and bring you complete satisfaction of the developed project throughout the process.

In-depth knowledge

  • Our sales force and developers' knowledge are unbeatable.

Reliable Services

  • We deliver the highest performance and quality through thorough research and use an evaluation system for merchandisers and promoters without any burden or fear of additional costs.

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