Digital Monitoring and Evaluation

OrangeMantra digitizes the business processes and helps to track, monitor, analyze and enhance the performance levels so as to generate appreciable returns for our clients.

Our digital system facilitates you to collect the monitoring data as close to the source as possible via laptop or mobile apps and curtail the double handling of the data. It would be possible for the staff and the management to scrutinize the data summary on a real-time basis through the dashboard function. And we help our clients in exporting the data from PC to other formats so that they may engage people with the data.

Our expert team helps in analyzing the business function, process flow in a strategic way, and come out with the best solution leading to the best performance from the employees and the business modules.

Digital Monitoring and Evaluation services at OrangeMantra provide the clients with instantaneous and direct reporting of the data, web-enabled reports, check the quality at field level itself, facilitate an authentic flow of information on real-time, error-free system, deployment even in the remote area, and thus enhance the performance with real-time monitoring.


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