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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the emerging technologies which will change the world in next five years. At OrangeMantra, we have seasoned professionals who have end to end application deployment expertise for Augmented Reality (AR). Integrating digital information with the users information in real-time is one our key achievements.

Our entire service is dependent on UX which is our key portfolio. The users are given chance to interact with virtual contents in the real world. Be it education, defense, real estate, rescue team, video games, medicine, or any other sector you mention, we help you derive benefits from this technology.

We help you redefine your brand with Augmented Reality Applications to create marketing campaigns at the next level for your business. We help brands or the agencies to give a better user experience, engage with your products and services through creating an immersive experience by augmenting 2D/3D graphics, audio, and video on the brands. In short, we fuse design with technology.

Our AR developers are experts in 3D modeling, rigging, marker less and marker based tracking, 3D rendering, SLAM tracking, and more to deliver the best branding apps. Get developed custom branded apps for your iOS, Android and /or the wearable devices in accordance with your business objectives.

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