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Business technology has gone beyond the conventional, with innovative technologies like the IoT, AI, AR, and VR coming to the forefront. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the futuristic technologies that has taken over the current business scenario. RPA is an Artificial Intelligence-empowered software solution that replicates human interaction with business applications. With this technology, the business can avail the services of a virtual robot to automate repetitive manual processes and tasks. Today, RPA has become a much sought-after innovation because of the broad benefits it brings.

At Orange Mantra, we offer advanced Robotic Process Automation services to streamline operational processes and add value to the business. From increased productivity to enhanced efficiency, and lowered costs, we help enterprises to avail unmatched benefits of the RPA transition. We have a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and digital platforms. Over the years, we have provided advanced technology solutions for clients across diverse industry verticals. Trust our RPA expertise and give your business a winning edge.

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Benefits Of Adopting Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a smart technology that has the capability to perform all the complex actions of the human workforce. The benefits it can bring for an organization are immense.

Enhanced operational efficiency with faster and easier implementation of multiple applications simultaneously

Simplified business operations with automation of multi-system dependent processes across environments

Improved quality of work with the mitigation of risks related to human errors

Flexibility with the advanced option to automate tasks for a given time duration

Scalability for adding or reducing the digital workforce according to the changing business needs

Availability of analytics data for evaluation of work performance on regular basis

Freedom to employees who can now overlook the mundane tasks to focus on the more significant ones

Savings in cost as the repetitive processes become simpler and quicker to finish

RPA Automates The Key Business Applications

Automation Applications

  • Accounting

    Accounting processes, transactional reporting, and budgeting

  • Financial Services

    Account opening and closure, management of audit requests, and insurance claims processing

  • Customer Services

    Uploading of scanned documents, verification of e-signatures, and verification for automatic approval/rejection recommendations

  • Supply Chain Management

    Automation of order processing, monitoring of inventory levels, procurement of inventory, and shipment tracking

  • Human Resource Administration

    Candidate management, employee turnover process, payroll management, and time sheet submission

  • Healthcare

    Reports automation, system reconciliation, record handling, account management, and claim management

We Offer A Full Range Of Robotic Process Automation Services

Our Services

  • Consulting

    We understand the client's requirements and uncover their organization's RPA potential to offer expert digital transformation consulting services

  • Implementation

    We follow best practices and a proven methodology to set up a robust automation solution for the client

  • Infrastructure

    Besides implementing the solution, we also make sure that it gets the right platform and environment to utilize the virtual workforce

  • Training

    Our experts provide skills and role-based training to the client's workforce so that they can understand and adopt the RPA solution

  • Maintenance And Support

    Our services extend to monitoring, maintenance, and support to make sure that the solution works seamlessly

IOT solutions

Why Choose Us

With Orange Mantra as your RPA partner, you can bring your core business objectives within reach. We enable you to progress towards becoming a more productive, efficient, and profitable enterprise. Here are some reasons you should choose us to bring about digital transformation for your enterprise:

We facilitate seamless integration of the innovative robotics technology with your existing processes and applications to give you a digital supremacy

Our competent, flexible, and cost-effective solutions enable your business to reduce manual efforts, costs, and risks of manual error

We have a team of certified robotic automation experts to devise effective solutions that match your business needs

We employ state of the art platforms and solutions to design a robust, intelligent, and scalable digital workforce for your business

We make sure that the solutions are implemented within the shortest time interval, without any disruption in the work processes

Our team boasts of extensive domain expertise along with a vast experience of having served clients across diverse industry verticals

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