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Going digital is the new and viral paradigm for the enterprises and commerce today. The client-driven business systems, incentive-linked loyalty management, fast and accurate internal administration, communication beyond the principal business floors, wider audience reach across multiple channels and its Data Retrieval, Analysis and etc, calls for Digital Transformation.

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At Orange Mantra, we digitize every stage of the business and customer life cycle. The Digital specialists at Orange Mantra are experts in creating the wave of digital disruption for your business by converging technologies like Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, and, so forth to explore new business models on administration, production and customer engagement. The models are developed on the basis of our engagement with world's leading industries, careful insight of the business patterns in the market place so as to personalize the user experience.

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We help you acquire digital opportunities in:

Product/Service Management : Using technology and data for automated data discovery and user-customized products. We develop tailored solutions for different customer segments and help you to lead an integrated and customer-centric perspective in business deals.

Bring changes in marketing, sales, customer-service abilities by transforming e-commerce platform, multi-channel markets, mobile customer service, social customer service in match with the customer inclination and conduct.

Enhance operational efficiency : Improve productivity, optimize enterprise activity through Digital Workplace, Process Automation, Predictive Analysis, Digital Software and services, digitization of money, monitoring and evaluating the business, branding, and so forth.

Our Digital Services focus on:

  • Real-time decision making
  • Better managed business floor
  • Easy access and retrieval of data
  • Sensitive capture of issues otherwise ignored
  • Integrated customer experience across channels
  • Align the system to respond for market changes
  • Promote technology enabled collaboration
  • Scalable, reliable, and integrated architecture
  • Adaptibility for changing needs and opportunities
  • Connect new digital capabilities with business models

Digital Service Benefits at OrangeMantra:

  • Address the emerging trends through digital technology
  • Selection of right digital technology portfolio
  • Empower organizations to react to market challenges
  • Leverage the customer's voice
  • Develop cost-effective and competitive structure
  • Strongly committed to digitization efforts
  • Manage risks of digitization
  • Blur the internal and external boundaries
  • Efficiently manage the digital vendors and customers
  • Increase management ruling out risks

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